Pieusekouh 2018 Cameroon

Pieusekouh 2018 Cameroon

Pieusekouh is a project with the objective of “improving the conditions and capacities of access to education and consequently improving the school results of children in Cameroon”.

Some books

We got the support from our international partner ABARKA (from Spain) and with this we could conduct activities in 3 villages of Western Cameroon in October and November 2018.

In Bangoua, we have worked with the Collège Evangélique de Bangoua (partner since 2011 for the Madiba Cameroon project). There we have distributed 12 school backpacks to two best of each level (6) in the computation of the year 2017. These stood out with their work and overcoming the subjects being first. The contents of each backpack: notebooks, books, pens, pencils, mathematical tools …

Beneficiaries in Bangoua with the School administration and 2 members of WebDev Foundation

In Babou, 3 children have received books and we paid their school fees. Locadine, their mother is the lady who supports us with the Impact Babou agriculture project. Her low standard of living does not allow her to be able to fulfill all expenses of her family especially educational expenditures and her husband does not have a often a job. In fact, it has been presented as an occasion to be able to help her take her family forward.

Youth enjoying after receiving thier books in Babou

In Bangangte, a family consisting of two grandparents and four teens receives the installation of the electricity network at home and the connection to the state network. Electricity is very important because without it, the children do not dream of any future and can not have the opportunity to go further in their education. This action increases self-confidence, motivation and willingness to be part of the community. Normally, this project could be almost impossible for this family looking at where they live and given their social and economic conditions.

The connexion with the State Network and the Meter

We finished this project for 2018 very grateful to have been able to do it with the support of our donors, because without them we could not get it done.

Kevin Sob, Volunteer and representative in Douala

Kevin Sob, Volunteer and representative in Douala

I am Kevin SOB young Cameroonian and student, passionate about community development and very active in volunteering with WebDev Foundation. I am one of those who think that the development of Cameroon, as of Africa as well, begins with the rural areas and that will be done with its youth. It’s been about 2 years already that I work alongside WebDev foundation as a volunteer member. From my experience I think there is so much to gain for a young person through volunteer work such as cultural exchanges, the discovery of new cultures, new traditions, new environment, the pleasure of working to render service to a community in need, to help those who have not really had the chance like others, to share with them the knowledge and know-how that will help.

I invite all young people from here and elsewhere, all people regardless of sex or race to join us to leave an impact, a positive impact within communities.

Kevin, sharing his experience after Madiba Cameroon 2017

A documentary talking about Madiba Cameroon 2016

Aristide Kuitche, Project Manager

Aristide Kuitche, Project Manager

I am a young person always motivated. Always ready to take the challenge and go beyond the challenges I encounter. I would like to see the youth of my country take initiatives for its own future.

I have therefore engaged with WEBDEV FOUNDATION to support those young people who wish to realize their dreams so that together we can contribute to the emergence of our country. Working for WebDev Foundation, I was able to develop several potentials that were hidden in me including leadership, human resources management. With WebDev Foundation, I was also able to rub myself with multiple cultures and today I can work in any environment with people from diverse backgrounds without the slightest problem.

Aristide sharing his experience in his mother tongue after Madiba Cameroon 2017

Aristide sharing his experience in French after Madiba Cameroon 2017

Aristide sharing his experience in English after Madiba Cameroon 2017

Anne-Marie Fandeu, Country Manager China

Anne-Marie Fandeu, Country Manager China

I joined the WEBDEV FOUNDATION as a participant in 2011, an organization that has given me more reason to believe in my dreams and life projects.

An organization that thanks to the welcoming spirit and the enthusiastic spirit of its members gave me the opportunity to see the life of a sense more pleasant compared to the time when I sailed without really knowing how organize, or what I would be in this life.

I will never forget WEBDEV FOUNDATION, its language sessions, entrepreneurship, extra activities, health and others.
I will give everything to share my know-how, my experience with children / participants from rural areas of Cameroon, with international volunteers. Because of WEBDEV Foundation, I met and made friend with people from all around the world.
I invite those who read this comment to enjoy the happiness of leaving WEBDEV FOUNDATION because like me, I just gave a little of my time to the benefit of the people and in return I received more than I gave .

I thank Mr. the founder of the organization for giving me the opportunity to join the group that is for me now a second family.

Clotaire Ntienou, Founder

Clotaire Ntienou, Founder

I am Clotaire NtienouIMG_1730

A Cameroonian born in Bangoua.

Graduated from the University of Yaounde I in Sociology, Major: Population and Development, Certified Trainer BYB Microsoft, Certified NGO Management with Sylvia Bongo Foundation. Responsible for projects with AIESEC in Yaounde and then National President with AIESEC in Gabon.

Currently Founder and CEO of the WebDev Foundation ( www.webdevfoundation.org) working in field of health, children’s education and development of young people through activities around the global education on sexuality, promotion of IT with free access to training for the poorest, entrepreneurship, languages, cultural exchanges and responsible tourism.

Co-founder and HR Vice President of Bekondo Foundation (www.bekondofoundation.org) an organization registered in Cameroon and the USA. We work on improving farmers life’s so that they can fully benefit from cocoa farm activities. We are also working on processing and selling cocoa products to create another values chain that will allow farmers to not only depending on selling cocoa as sole product.

Co-Founder of NGO ABARKA (www.abarka.org), an International NGO focusing on the international development and youth capacity building. we work supporting project in Africa (Cameroon in particular), in Spain we develop project and activities to respond to the western social needs and to impulse development of youth.

I am passionate about personal development and the development of others, I hate hypocrisy and lies. Dynamic, I strongly believe in the development of Africa from the bottom. This is why i am involving in the social and other humanities project.

I would like to visit the World working to help people living on bad conditions.

I would like to leave my mark in this World where everything that people does is related to money.

Hobbies: Cooking, Travel, Internet, Cinema/Movies, Reading, Networking.

WaLi team in Bangoua moving ahead in 2018

WaLi team in Bangoua moving ahead in 2018

In October-November 2017, an international team travelled to Bangoua with the purpose to initiate the Project Water for Life. During 5 weeks, 10 technicians received an intensive training on basic self and water supply technics, then a workshop have been opened to help those technicians continuing practicing and promote the knowledge within the village.

The motivation of having a place to work is growing up day after day. Student showed their interest and the confirmation of the transfer of the know-how they received. Then they rehabilitated one of the common water point of the area called Kamna, installing two EMAS pumps. Then started the usage of the pump added to the one built during the course from hand drilling. Lately in January 2018, a team of 4 of the technician conducted a successful maintenance campaign on the two water systems.

In the village, due to still lack of resources, they are opening the workshop for now at least a day during the week (the local market day of Kamna). Some pre-bill has been sent out and they are waiting for the return.

But at the same time, we hope to continue promoting this technology by building some other systems in the village as planned when we started this project. Our goal is to built 27 water systems in 3 years. You can continue supporting us by following this link: https://abarka.org/campaigns/water4life-camerun/



We, ABARKA (through its local counterpart WebDev Foundation) and TADEH have just finished the Water for Life (WaLi) project in its phase 1. What we have done:

1- Training in EMAS technologies with sessions on how to make bombs.
2- installation of the EMAS pump on a well for the test.
3- Construction of a cistern of 6,000 liters to have water during the dry season.
4- manual drilling and we have removed the water.

The second phase was focused on administration and management and that is why we organized several sessions on:
1- How to make a budget taking examples about a cistern and the rehabilitation of a well.
2- How to organize a work meeting.
3- How to make or write reports

4- Sales techniques.
5- Customer management techniques.
6- Management of materials.

Start date: October 12, 2017
Closing date: November 15, 2017
Duration: 01 month