School Education for Children Development Program

In 2013, we donated 6 Brash Boxes and 6 Blackboards to Two school in Bangoua With the help of Linda from germany and Hope Foundation
In 2013, we donated 6 Brash Boxes and 6 Blackboards to Two school in Bangoua With the help of Linda from germany and Hope Foundation

This program is for those volunteers/interns who are interested in teaching what means working daily with children both in villages and towns where our partners schools are located. Children in Cameroon are very eager to learn and improve their conversational skills in English and other international languages. Most of the schools also put extra emphasis on English education as well as mathematics.

We are looking for volunteers/interns that go far beyond assisting teaching. Children are attracted to school by the presence of volunteers/interns and it is also a proven morale booster for parents and as well as a great inspiration for students. Inexperienced and experienced volunteers/interns can teach vocabulary, assist with pronunciation and support students as the practice speaking English.

You don’t have to be a teacher to volunteer or do internship on this program. English is an official language of Cameroon which is a bilingual country with French as other official language, but most children still lack of English/language practices. This program includes all manners of subjects/courses apart from English language depending on your field of interest and capability. English language, Math and Science constitute the educational program, but all other subjects like music, arts and crafts are welcome.

End of trimester with a primary school in 2013

This program helps primary, junior and senior schools kids learn English and also get education and other subjects.
Volunteers/interns will be provided with teaching resources to aid their work at the school. Usually, you will teach about 18 hours of conversational English lessons per week. You will also need to take time to prepare your lessons, and correct your students work. Many volunteers/interns choose to help out in other areas too, helping students with extra-curricular activities like sports, drama or music lessons for example.

A class session in a primary school in Yaounde

Students age range from 5 to 11 years old.

General topics:
• Languages (English…)
• Mathematics
• Integrated Science
• Environmental Studies
• Basic computer skills
• Culture
• Dance, drawing, craft

Locations: Kumba (English Region), Bangoua, Bafoussam, Yaounde (French Region)

Apply to receive the full program job role and other related files.