Madiba Cameroon Project

to educate rural populations about the dangers and consequences of HIV/AIDS and malaria. this will be done by peer educator training, communities sensitization (talk to talk, door to door), “community sport football tournament“ and “challenge b3 marathon“ across the villages receiving the project.

SOCIAL IT Training: 
training people on the usage of computer in the areas of computer literacy, data entry operators, software such as windows xp, word, excel, powerpoint and publisher.

ENGLISH and CHINESE Training: 
English and Chinese are the most spoken languages in the world. it‘s becoming a real necessity to teach and educate people on the usage of thess languages. Population of more than 3 villages are benefiting each year as since 2011 during summer 8 weeks training on languages and cultures.

is a new concept in Africa. for this project we want to stimulate people to often catch responsibilities to help other in their various communities. the renovation of a building in a primary school would be welcome for this project and put the community concerned in accordance with its realities and commitments.

this project component aims to give to youth rural residents accurate knowledge on entrepreneurship in accordance to the opportunities that are available around them. 10 workshops and training session on setting up projects, designing a business plan, project management and leadership.

This will be an opportunity for all the participants from more than 10 Country to present their culture, opportunities of cooperation in their various countries. During more than 3 hours, each country represent must perform a presentation to raise awareness of participants.

Is an eco-Tourism trip that aim to promote West and North-West Region of Cameroon. Theses trips will be done during weekend free times. Volunteers/Interns will have opportunities to visit others in their camp during weekends.

Madiba Cameroon project is run annualy from July 1st to August 31st in villages in Cameroon

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Barbara from Belgium on Language and Leadership course in Bangoua, 2011
Barbara from Belgium and Aska from UK/Poland on Language and Leadership course in Bangoua, 2011