Our Community

All our projects are delivered in respect to the community needs. We involve community members and local population into the realization of our activities.


Health improvement

Improving health conditions doesn't just mean having medical infrastructure. We bet in prevention and health education

Volunteering for change

Volunteering is one of the tools we are using to change communities and our organization members


Using computer is a requirement

Since 2011, date of our first educational project, we put computer as base of our activities, because nowadays, we need computer for almost everything we do...

Language education

Initiating our beneficiaries in foreign languages help young people to better decide their future. We already teach English, Chinese, Spanish, German and Italian to more than 600 youth.


Our Vision and Mission

WEBDEV FOUNDATION aims is the development of humankind potential in urban and rural areas.

Current Projects

Madiba Cameroon Project

Our project is so called in memory of Nelson Mandela.

Every Child is Ours Project

Today, it is estimated that there are over 143 million

Community Impact Development Program

This program is for those who are interested in the

Gender Capacity Building Program

The program is meant to diversify women to be independent

Our History

WebDev Foundation was founded based on the common story of many youth in Cameroon.

Context (Why)? The African countries are confronted for several years with the problems of underdevelopment and the governments (in place) put themselves ready to work and secure the living conditions of the future generations. However, in many countries, the development is a question which returns in the conversations and which is always handed in the hands of the State which has more and more difficulty to contain the height of