Sponsor a Kid

Let's give them chance for better live - Let's Contribute for their education
Let’s give them chance for better live – Let’s Contribute for their education

Many children have no parents, or else come from very poor families and whichcan not envision a better future without help.

The mortality rate in Africa is highest in the world. Because of wars, political,ethnic strife poverty has installed and continues to blight the continent.

WebDev Foundation whose primary purpose is to revive hope in the communities or through its projects and activities during the 2011 project has realized he could create a strong bond between families located far from each other.

Thus in this process, Dada and Marina met and since August 2011, Dada got help. The little Dada, did not have enough to eat? no school supplies? she lives alone with her ​​grand mother in the village? Marina supplied Dada with money, clothes… for more than 2 years. Finally in 2013, his father who was sensitized by Manuela, our member could come to the village to take over his responsibilities. Dada is now living with him in Douala.

The Dadas’ story is among many other stories of needy children in Cameroon.

We are a handful of resource persons and should you share our dreams we gladly welcome your immense contribution either in the form of financial contribution, volunteers, equipment, school supplies, business sponsors, foster parents, donated accommodation or sites, scholarships, refurbished laptops or desktops, printers, video cameras or digital cameras etc.

Should you desire to make a difference, should you wish to offer a better future for any disadvantaged or underprivileged child who needs a ray of hope, please consider sponsoring through WEBDEV FOUNDATION. Contact us or Volunteer with us