Beñat Aranburu, Spain 2014

Beñat in Bekondo

Beñat (blue T-shirt) with Timothy (Yellow t-shirt), Elvis (Left) and children in Bekondo – South West of Cameroon, Summer 2014

My name is Beñat and I live in the Basque Country. Last summer, I travelled around Cameroon for a few weeks. Before going to Cameroon I had the opportunity to get in touch with Webdev Foundation, a Cameroonian NGO that is willing to help communities around the country.

Once I was in the field, I personally witnessed the work they are doing and the impact that their projects have on the local population. Webdev Foundation focuses on education, knowing that their work is going to improve living conditions of those communities in the long term.

Although their primary field of work is education, they also provide health support to those in need. Furthermore, they train young participants in IT skills, leadership, management…

I believe that visiting this projects was a once in a lifetime experience. The humanity and energy of Cameroonian people totally exceeded my expectations.

I am looking forward to travelling back to Cameroon soon and I would definitely encourage everyone to do so.

Beñat Aranburu, Spain 2014