Kevin Sob, Volunteer and representative in Douala

I am Kevin SOB young Cameroonian and student, passionate about community development and very active in volunteering with WebDev Foundation. I am one of those who think that the development of Cameroon, as of Africa as well, begins with the rural areas and that will be done with its youth. It’s been about 2 years already that I work alongside WebDev foundation as a volunteer member. From my experience I think there is so much to gain for a young person through volunteer work such as cultural exchanges, the discovery of new cultures, new traditions, new environment, the pleasure of working to render service to a community in need, to help those who have not really had the chance like others, to share with them the knowledge and know-how that will help.

I invite all young people from here and elsewhere, all people regardless of sex or race to join us to leave an impact, a positive impact within communities.

Kevin, sharing his experience after Madiba Cameroon 2017

A documentary talking about Madiba Cameroon 2016