Pieusekouh 2018 Cameroon

Pieusekouh 2018 Cameroon

Pieusekouh is a project with the objective of “improving the conditions and capacities of access to education and consequently improving the school results of children in Cameroon”.

Some books

We got the support from our international partner ABARKA (from Spain) and with this we could conduct activities in 3 villages of Western Cameroon in October and November 2018.

In Bangoua, we have worked with the Collège Evangélique de Bangoua (partner since 2011 for the Madiba Cameroon project). There we have distributed 12 school backpacks to two best of each level (6) in the computation of the year 2017. These stood out with their work and overcoming the subjects being first. The contents of each backpack: notebooks, books, pens, pencils, mathematical tools …

Beneficiaries in Bangoua with the School administration and 2 members of WebDev Foundation

In Babou, 3 children have received books and we paid their school fees. Locadine, their mother is the lady who supports us with the Impact Babou agriculture project. Her low standard of living does not allow her to be able to fulfill all expenses of her family especially educational expenditures and her husband does not have a often a job. In fact, it has been presented as an occasion to be able to help her take her family forward.

Youth enjoying after receiving thier books in Babou

In Bangangte, a family consisting of two grandparents and four teens receives the installation of the electricity network at home and the connection to the state network. Electricity is very important because without it, the children do not dream of any future and can not have the opportunity to go further in their education. This action increases self-confidence, motivation and willingness to be part of the community. Normally, this project could be almost impossible for this family looking at where they live and given their social and economic conditions.

The connexion with the State Network and the Meter

We finished this project for 2018 very grateful to have been able to do it with the support of our donors, because without them we could not get it done.

WaLi team in Bangoua moving ahead in 2018

WaLi team in Bangoua moving ahead in 2018

In October-November 2017, an international team travelled to Bangoua with the purpose to initiate the Project Water for Life. During 5 weeks, 10 technicians received an intensive training on basic self and water supply technics, then a workshop have been opened to help those technicians continuing practicing and promote the knowledge within the village.

The motivation of having a place to work is growing up day after day. Student showed their interest and the confirmation of the transfer of the know-how they received. Then they rehabilitated one of the common water point of the area called Kamna, installing two EMAS pumps. Then started the usage of the pump added to the one built during the course from hand drilling. Lately in January 2018, a team of 4 of the technician conducted a successful maintenance campaign on the two water systems.

In the village, due to still lack of resources, they are opening the workshop for now at least a day during the week (the local market day of Kamna). Some pre-bill has been sent out and they are waiting for the return.

But at the same time, we hope to continue promoting this technology by building some other systems in the village as planned when we started this project. Our goal is to built 27 water systems in 3 years. You can continue supporting us by following this link: https://abarka.org/campaigns/water4life-camerun/



We, ABARKA (through its local counterpart WebDev Foundation) and TADEH have just finished the Water for Life (WaLi) project in its phase 1. What we have done:

1- Training in EMAS technologies with sessions on how to make bombs.
2- installation of the EMAS pump on a well for the test.
3- Construction of a cistern of 6,000 liters to have water during the dry season.
4- manual drilling and we have removed the water.

The second phase was focused on administration and management and that is why we organized several sessions on:
1- How to make a budget taking examples about a cistern and the rehabilitation of a well.
2- How to organize a work meeting.
3- How to make or write reports

4- Sales techniques.
5- Customer management techniques.
6- Management of materials.

Start date: October 12, 2017
Closing date: November 15, 2017
Duration: 01 month

Madiba Cameroon Project 2017

Madiba Cameroon Project 2017

As every year since 2011, the Madiba Cameroon caravan for its seventh consecutive year lays its bags once more on the land of Bangoua, birth lands of the founder of WebDev Foundation.

It is around July 23 that the first international volunteers will tread the ground of the project, joining the group of Cameroonians present on the scene since July 3rd. We will count a total of 6 internationals and 7 nationals who in a dynamic of interculturality, exchange and sharing were able to move for 5 consecutive weeks at the Evangelical College of Bangoua about 90 young people and children from 4 to 23 years old. Activities as each year are furnished around education and capacity building in the areas of ICT, Languages, Health, Educational Games …

We have also had, as in the past, a good part of our time devoted to the relationship with the community via the Protestant hospital of Bangoua, notably in the delivery of evening classes in Computer Science and English to the employees and trainees of the institution. We shall be honored this year by the participation of the hierarchy, in particular the Secretary General and the Director. The 4 weeks spent with these people will allow us not only to initiate for some, but also to update the knowledge for other and finally to build a small network of continuous assistance to these same beneficiaries.

Improvements or innovations this year include the Italian and Spanish courses that young people have received with great enthusiasm, and the role-playing games that have encouraged young people to develop their teamwork skills, acceptance of other, but also criticism, fair play and the resolution of difficult problems or situations.

A very innovative and highly appreciated activity was “Suprise to my mom” propelled by His Majesty the King of Bangoua. In short, it is a day of surprise to any mother of the village. The initiative comes from the fact that there are elderly people in the village who no longer have enough strength to meet some of their necessary needs such as: Going to the field, harvesting, drawing water … then during the project, we choose among the participants one of their mother and go to her on a Saturday by surprise and carry out an activity. In 2017 we transported wood from about 2km for one of the Queen Mothers of the Bangoua Superior Chief, to show our respect to our mothers. In the years to come, we would like to carry out such actions throughout the community and this will become a habit within young people environment.

The Madiba Cameroon 2017 project will end around July 20 with a donation of +/- 18kg of essential medicines and 6 blood pockets to save lives, and finally an appointment made for 2018. It is with sadness that the team will leave this beautiful village, this paradise on earth that has welcomed us for so many years.

On the Run From Boko Haram (MAY 13, 2015 5:02 AM EDT)

“They forced us to kill, otherwise we would have been killed,” says Djibrine, a 12-year-old from eastern Chad who was sent with other boys from his village to northern Nigeria a year ago to study at a Koranic school. Soon after the boys arrived, armed men from the Islamist militant group Boko Haram attacked the village and his school. “They took all the young people and killed all the others,” Djibrine says.

A group of young Boko Haram militants sits on the ground in Ngouboua, Chad, after surrendering to the Chadian army after been kidnapped by Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria. Some of the militants were as young as 12 years old. Refugees and child soldiers who have escaped Islamist militants in Nigeria are fleeing to Chad. TOMASO CLAVARINO
A group of young Boko Haram militants sits on the ground in Ngouboua, Chad, after surrendering to the Chadian army after been kidnapped by Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria. Some of the militants were as young as 12 years old. Refugees and child soldiers who have escaped Islamist militants in Nigeria are fleeing to Chad. TOMASO CLAVARINO

“They began putting horrible ideas into our heads. They told us all the others were infidels, so they either had to be converted or killed; they made promises of the paradise that we would reach,” says Djibrine. He and Djido Moussa, who is 14, are part of a group of 12 young Boko Haram fighters who managed to escape from Nigeria and reach the village of Ngouboua, Chad, where they gave themselves up to the authorities. They say they walked for days across the desert, under a burning sun, before they could get back to their homeland. “We decided to escape, to face a long journey, because we couldn’t stand what we saw anymore, everything they made us do,” says Djido Moussa. “We went to Nigeria only to study. Now we are in the hands of the army; I have no idea what they are going to do with us. I just hope I will be able to find and see my family again and start a new life.”

For now, they sit on the ground, gazing into space, lined up and under guard, waiting to find out what will happen to them next.

Full article on: http://www.newsweek.com/2015/05/22/run-boko-haram-331049.html

213 enfants suivi par WebDev Foundation depuis le 12 janvier 2015 à Banfoussam

Lavage des Mains ECHO 15Rendu déjà à la quatrième semaine de travail dans le cadre de la 3ème édition annuelle, le projet Every Child is Ours (ECHO) vise le renforcement des capacités des enfants démunis dans les écoles primaires et les centres sociaux. Avec plus de 213 enfants enthousiastes, participatifs, contents d’apprendre de nouvelles choses actifs, nous avons abordé en santé l’hygiène corporelle et avons effectué des séances pratiques de brossage des dents et lavage des mains car nombreux étaient des enfants qui ne connaissaient pas les techniques adaptées pour le brossage des dents ainsi que pour le lavage des mains. En informatique, ils ont pu manier l’outil informatique (démarrage et extinction de l’ordinateur, toucher du doigt certaines composantes physiques de l’ordinateur, ouvrir une page Word, saisir un texte…).

L’emploi de temps est en même temps relax car nous travaillons avec des enfants qui nous font rire, mais aussi contraignant car nous avons un programme stricte à suivre de lundi à samedi et surtout devons laisser les enfants rentrer chez eux à temps pour se préparer aux activités/cours des jours suivants.

Notre équipe dynamique se positionne désormais comme indispensable car cette année nous avons ajouté une touche particulière appelée “causerie éducative” qui sort de l’ordinaire et nous permet d’aborder les problèmes des enfants vis à vis de leur curriculum normal. Ainsi nous les aidons à faire aussi leurs exercices de mathématiques, dictée, langue, écriture…

Nous aborderons les mêmes sujets avec un groupe de 100 enfants pendant 4 semaines au mois de Mars 2015. Ceci faisant, plus de 300 enfants cette année encore bénéficient de ce programme gratuit de notre organisation.

Women Empowering Training in Bamenda, February 7th 2012

Training Aurel 15 4Last weekend, we got a trip to Bamenda for an Empowering Capacity of 12 Women Bamenda from Aurel Enterprise and Techno Bamenda (5hours training – 2 modules – 4 games).

Baseline of the training:

  • 1- How to welcome Guest, Visitors and Costumers,
  • 2- Effective Logistics management.

This training aimed to reinforce their capacity for more work efficiency. If we invest on trianing women (mothers or future mothers), we are already contributing on children education. We are now working on a next trainings that will be delivered still in Bamenda on Time management, Team management, Motivation, How to help my boss succeed…

Thank‪#‎AurelCouture‬ for giving us this opportunity for another early impact in 2015.