WaLi team in Bangoua moving ahead in 2018

In October-November 2017, an international team travelled to Bangoua with the purpose to initiate the Project Water for Life. During 5 weeks, 10 technicians received an intensive training on basic self and water supply technics, then a workshop have been opened to help those technicians continuing practicing and promote the knowledge within the village.

The motivation of having a place to work is growing up day after day. Student showed their interest and the confirmation of the transfer of the know-how they received. Then they rehabilitated one of the common water point of the area called Kamna, installing two EMAS pumps. Then started the usage of the pump added to the one built during the course from hand drilling. Lately in January 2018, a team of 4 of the technician conducted a successful maintenance campaign on the two water systems.

In the village, due to still lack of resources, they are opening the workshop for now at least a day during the week (the local market day of Kamna). Some pre-bill has been sent out and they are waiting for the return.

But at the same time, we hope to continue promoting this technology by building some other systems in the village as planned when we started this project. Our goal is to built 27 water systems in 3 years. You can continue supporting us by following this link: https://abarka.org/campaigns/water4life-camerun/