Every Child is Ours 

Facts about Children and Education
Today, it is estimated that there are over 143 million orphans in the world. That is enough children to go three times around the world at the equator. The study indicates that the child poverty rate in Cameroon was 46.02% in 2007. Furthermore there exist disparities in the incidence of poverty within the country; households with children in rural areas are six times as likely to be at risk of poverty as compared with households with children in urban areas. In terms of deprivation, 64% of all children in Cameroon experience at least one form of severe deprivation, the most frequent of which is access to housing. Additionally, 30% of children lack access to food; 30% of children are deprived of access to information; and 20% of education.


Every Child is Ours is a project based on participation of our international volunteers assisting children’s education. Our most concerned target are deprived children in orphanages and school where most of students are from very poor families.

Other Social Projects:
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Beñat Aranburu, Spain 2014

My name is Beñat and I live in the Basque Country. Last…

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Asan (China), 2014

Asanfsky Li, AIESEC ZZU I am Asan Li, I arrived in Douala,…

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Miranda (China), 2014

I was very glad to be in the team of the Webdev…

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Clara Huelskemper (Germany), 2014

I enjoyed working with the international team very much, and I am…

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Onome Samuel (Nigeria), 2013

The working relation was a mixture of pressure and also relaxed. There…

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Aska Czechowska (UK & Poland), 2013

Getting on the project: Finding the project was rather tricky as it…

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Sabina Li (China), 2013

Before I went to cameroon, it’s totally a blank to me.Although there…

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Naroa Ibargoyen (Spain), 2014

My name is Naroa, I live on the north of Spain, and…

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Constance Chou (China), 2013

On the second day I arrived at the intern house in Bangoua,…

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Melanie Kunz (Germany) 2013

I had the chance to go on the fields in villages where…

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Linda Koenigsmann (Allemagne) 2013

Cameroun…qu’est-ce que je savais avant d‘être venue ? Pas beaucoup. Bien sur,…

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Tanja Aumer (Germany) 2013

Despite of some difficulties, it was interesting to see how a NGO…

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Robert Hör (Germany) 2013

The first days we spent at the school were used to deliver…

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Ana De La Barra (Brazil) 2013

My personal goal was to have an impact on the children, teach…

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Rosa Willock (UK) 2012

My expectations of the project If I am honest my expectations of…

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Nathalie (China) 2012

Every experience matters This is the first time I come to this…

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Marina Khun (France) 2011

Dans un premier temps, je suis partie une semaine en avance dans…

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Jean Sebastien (Canada) 2011

Durant le séjour, j’ai été responsable de la gestion du volet sur…

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Kamila Simkova (Czeck Republic)

I did come to Yaounde earlier, so I had opportunity to create…

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Sabrina Lim Siew Lee (Malaysia) 2011

I had been in the project for 57days, arrive earlier at Yaounde…

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Amelie Dufour (Netherland) 2011

From Summer 2011 Project in Bangoua: The most important thing I achieved…

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Yujin Lee (Netherland) 2011

First of all, I can now better explain about malaria, HIV/AIDS, cholera.…

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Incomes Generation Projects

Incomes Generation ProjectsCommunity Center of Technology Project
In a social context or access to technology is limited to people living in urban areas, we have trained over three years young in rural areas in the field of ICT and our investigation to date we have trained almost 500 youth in rural areas (3 villages) in Cameroon.
Access to computers is not the prerogative of all social strata in our country; we want to create in the coming years in the city of Bafoussam a multimedia center that will promote access to ICTs of young orphans, and other disadvantaged young people for free training in computer science and computer literacy.

Tourism Project
Cameroon is described as “Africa in miniature”. Our Tourism project is therefore promoting its diversity of climate, culture, and geography.

Webhosting / Webdesign Project
From all over the world, companies and organizations are fighting for a place in the virtual world called is the internet. Yet in Africa in general and Cameroon in particular, this area is still not well known to our institutions, or at least we do not always grasp the relevance and the benefits of the Internet for both individual needs and for the needs of the company or organization.