Organise an event

Organise an event in your town:

Regarding possibilities to become a WEBDEV foundation embassador or representative in your town, you can help for the growth of the organisation by organising various events in your town and raise volunteer to support our actions in your town.

Event you can organise can be categorise as:

  • Internationals days (HIV/SIDA, Volunteering, Malaria, Woman days) with  awareness activities such as forum, conferences, sport activities… according to the realities and facilities in your location.

  • Fundraising events: Every fundraiser is limited by the creativity if it’s ideas. When tackling a fundraiser it’s often beneficial to have more than one idea to create an event that appeals to as many people as possible. from simple dinner to an big event, you can apply all event processes to support WEBDEV foundation and gain you experience in event management.