Davide Delvai, Italy 2017

My goals were to help with the various activities concerning the different projects both in manual and intellectual way. My personal goals were to experience a different way of living, without all the comforts that I use to have and to understand more my personal soft skills. Concerning the Madiba project during the morning I was teaching to the teenager Italian and IT class. During the afternoon classes, in the hospital, I was assisting the IT and sometimes the English teachers. Regarding the WaLi project, since I do not speak French I was mostly the photographer and kind of assistant of the other member…

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Francesca Gigliotti, Italy 2017

My goals to work with Webdevfoundation were know the new culture in the real environment and have a good experience with children and also with the others volunteers of difference country. I would like to know the real life of the persons that live so far then my city because I know several people from Africa then coming in Europe in this period and with this experience I would like to have a new informations about the real life of people in the little village. I expected to know the Cameroonian life in the little village and the real situation…

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Susy Jian, Italy 2014 & 2017

[:en]My main goal was to have an experience in education with kids and to grow personally speaking. I met Madiba project in 2014 when I was in Cameroon for another internship in an NGO working in Human Rights fields. Already three years ago I was impressed of this project because I saw how much it was concrete and how much it could really change the situation. That’s why this year, I decided to come back to this country and to get part of this project. I expected to live in a local reality and to get in touch with a real Cameroonian village without…

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