Linda Koenigsmann (Allemagne) 2013

Cameroun…qu’est-ce que je savais avant d‘être venue ? Pas beaucoup. Bien sur, le séjour était bien organisé par Bobga Gerald et Hope Foundation/ Clotaire Ntienou et WEBDEV Foundation, quand même, je ne savais pas exactement où je vais rester, où je vais travailler avec qui je vais vivre. Une fois arrivée à l’aéroport, j’ai été frappée par la chaleur…;-) le transport à travers de Douala, la nuit dans le bus pour arriver à Bangoua, le village où je passai mes deux mois, était un tour d’un alentour jamais vu. Situé dans les montagnes, avec le sable rouge typique pour l’Afrique…

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Robert Hör (Germany) 2013

The first days we spent at the school were used to deliver the same sessions like in the orphanage. In workshops adapted to the classes we implemented them. Afterwards we split us up. Everyone had one class to teach a language. I had the oldest children and tried to deliver them the German language. Therefore the teachers made us two hours available. So we spent Monday, Wednesday and Friday in school. Although was the Wednesday an exception because on Wednesday there was always the sport day. During the sport day we delivered German games like “British bulldog one two three”…

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Ana De La Barra (Brazil) 2013

My personal goal was to have an impact on the children, teach them subjects that would be usefull and inspire them. Also encourage them to be curious and interested in the world different cultures, news and information, but mostly to study, that way they can change their life for better, to be ambitious and think big. I also wanted to see the real life in Africa and visit the country that is known for being Africa in miniature. On Monday and Friday mornings we gave health, language and culture sessions in the school (my sessions in particular were washing hands…

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