Nathalie (China) 2012

Every experience matters

nathalieThis is the first time I come to this continent, africa. I’ve experienced omething I never think about. I wrote my own story here.What ever it is good or bad, every part of it influence me and make me better. I saw the difference between different culture but I also saw how we are similar in many aspects.I found the prejudice we had before, some of them are really wrong. I can see my value when I was involved in the project even sometime I thought I helped less. There are many things to be improved in the villages. I believe that all the efforts we did are like a seed which will grow up and make a better community. Because of summer 12, this country is no longer the same as other ones to me. Because of summer 12, I had a peaceful but amazing time that I might never have in my city to think about my life. Because of summer 12, I saw good or bad things about africa which became one of my favorites places after all. Every experience matters, for me and for this place.

Nathalie, China volunteer 2012 Summer Project