Amelie Dufour (Netherland) 2011

From Summer 2011 Project in Bangoua:

???????????????????????????????The most important thing I achieved is to adapt myself quickly in a totally different (working) situation than I’m used to. There were some moments in which I found this was very difficult, but I think that I achieved a lot in terms of going on, staying positive and adapting quickly to new situations and different cultural attitudes.

Besides that, I trained my educational and presentation skills, as well as my improvising skills when I had to think of a quick solution if something went wrong or didn’t work out the way I expected.

I came to Cameroon with an open mind and without too many expectations. The only thing I did expect was that I would have a great time in Cameroon and have lots of interesting new experiences and these expectations have certainly become reality.

I am definitely satisfied with the internship in terms of all the new experiences I gained. Besides that, I really liked the international environment to both live and work in for almost two months. Also the English classes, where we really started from scratch and organized them with a team, were a very satisfying experience. Off course there were some less positive experiences I had in Cameroon, but even those can be turned into something positive in the long term in terms of a learning experience.