Kamila Simkova (Czeck Republic)

???????????????????????????????I did come to Yaounde earlier, so I had opportunity to create my own sessions. Thanks to this a learned a lot about specific topics. There were also held sessions for interns about various topics which should be delivered in the villages, which were really interesting for me.

I was co facilitator in many sessions during my stay in Bangoua, also reporter, evaluator and timekeeper for many times. Then I participated in community work and football tournament – it was really interesting experience for me.

Before I came to Cameroon, I expected cultural shock, totally different life style, interaction with people from different environment and cultural background, as well as participation on the project and working in team with people from all over the world. So far, I can say that all of my expectations were fulfilled.

I am really glad that I could spend my holiday here in Cameroon and do something useful.

I would really recommend this country to other interns because I learned really lot about different culture and even about myself.

Kamila Simkova (Czeck Republic), From Summer 2011 in Bangoua