Volunteering Job-Administration and Fundraising Manager

Deadline for application: April 1st 2015


Successfully create and deliver a program of fundraising events.   Develop and nurture positive   relationships with external   organizations to maximize   income generation   opportunities. Undertake the “day to day” lead in the recruitment, coordination and management of Volunteers. Contribute to the development of   funding support for the work   of the organization, through   the identification and development of new funding opportunities and the maintenance of existing support.


  • Fundraising
  • Members training on fundraising processes
  • Resources Management
  • Administration
  • General Duties


  • Provides market-intelligence and research on the fundraising function, enabling future planning of fundraising activities within WEBDEV Foundation and maximizing revenue generation for the organization.
  • Creates new, cost-effective, community-based fundraising activities within a specific geographic area, ensuring contacts are established and maintained, maximizing the opportunities for revenue generation.
  • Maintains existing supporter relationships through established contact, ensuring all possible opportunities for revenue generation are utilized.
  • Within a given geographical area, plans and develops opportunities for raising awareness of WEBDEV Foundation, ensuring that all potential supporters have an understanding of the organization and are able to contribute towards the generation of revenue.


  • Actively manages, supports, trains and develops all members and other volunteers for fundraising, enabling organizational standards to be maintained


  • Responsible for the day-to-day management of members, volunteers and donors, sourcing materials to enable fundraising work to be on-going.


  • In-line with organizational procedures, maintains supporter and volunteer records within the Raiser’s Database, ensuring information is accurate and current, enabling the fundraising office function to be maintained.
  • Contributes to WEBDEV Foundation fundraising and communications materials, ensuring all supporters and volunteers are aware of current developments within the fundraising team.
  • Contributes to WEBDEV Foundation Key Strategy Document and strategy improvement for the
    fundraising team, through attendance and contribution at appropriate meetings, ensuring continued best practice.
  • Actively participates in the development, implementation and maintenance of WEBDEV Foundation policies, procedures, standards and protocols, for own area, identifying areas for innovation and development, ensuring best practice.
  • Plans and organizes appointments with new and existing supporters, organizes training sessions for volunteers and organizes regular volunteer get-togethers, ensuring all staff, volunteers and supporters feel valued, ensuring maximum awareness.


  • Demonstrable, working knowledge of Microsoft Office, XP software applications and internet.
  • Advanced level of communication and presentation skills required, having to convey complex information in a variety of formats, for a variety of audiences.
  • Highly developed inter-personal skills required, having to develop and sustain relationships at all levels.
  • Demonstrable experience of cost effective, community-based fundraising.
  • Demonstrable experience of sustaining support and developing new contacts and networks.
  • Demonstrable experience of working with volunteers.


Generally works with a degree of autonomy within the clearly defined policies, protocols, procedures and codes of conduct of the organization, being directly responsible for setting own priorities and ensuring that work is completed within agreed timescales.

On a daily basis, takes decisions on the application of suitable fundraising methods; how best to maintain the relationships that exist between the organization and the corporate and individual supporters; whether WEBDEV Foundation should be associated with particular organizations or events.

On a daily basis, communicates information to General Coordinator, other fundraising staff, volunteers, colleagues and external supporters, and the media, using tact, diplomacy and persuasive skills to achieve organizational goals.
Develops and maintains relationships with corporate and individual supporters, ensuring maximum opportunities for revenue generation.

Positively promotes the organization, through internet (social media…), internal and external contacts, by hosting engagements and acting as speaker at conferences, corporate events and dinners, and internal events.



  • On a daily basis, is required to use the following equipment; computer; printer; photocopier; phone.
  • On a daily basis, is required to use the following IT systems and packages; Microsoft Office and XP; Database and the internet.

Working Conditions

  • Frequently required to work in and outdoors.
  • Required to use the computer, more or less continuously, on most days.

Physical Effort

  • Frequently required to sit at the keyboard or travel, for a substantial proportion of the working day or week.
  • Occasionally required to exert moderate physical effort over several short periods.

Mental Effort

  • Frequent requirement for periods of concentration when dealing with existing or potential supporters or when designing new, cost-effective, community-based fundraising activities.
  • Frequent requirement to be out of office to external meetings.

Emotional Effort

  • Occasional direct exposure to distressing or emotional circumstances, coming into contact with children or young people with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions and their families, when the families wish to undertake fundraising activities.
  • Occasional indirect exposure to distressing or emotional circumstances when dealing with bereaved relatives who wish to provide offers of help to the organization.



  • English (Required) – French (Preferred).
  • Skills in both or more languages will be a plus.

Time frame:

  • Complete daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports
  • Coordinate day to day office tasks
  • Working Day/Hours: Monday to Friday. From 8:30AM to 4:30PM
  • Saturday and Sunday are free.
  • 30 – 40 hours per weekDuration:
    Minimum Duration: 12 weeks
    Maximum Duration: 78 weeks

Work Location:
Bafoussam in the western region Cameroon. And sometimes in Yaounde, the city capital of the country.

Specific conditions:


We offer accommodation (Housing, Water and Electricity) in a shared room, Internet Wi-Fi and 5% of the funds raised to the Volunteer/Intern.

For Women, we offer Accommodation in Host family (Home Stay)

At the end of internship/volunteering, we offer a Certificate and Life Time Recommendation Letter.

Fundraising goals between 5000€ to 20000€