Our Values, Vision and Missions

Our values


We often look for opportunities to be apply for the growth of communities and peoples living there.


We engage everybody in the society by providing necessary opportunities to empower them.


Trough our project, activities we are impacting people life day by day.

Enjoy life experience

We enjoy what we are doing and take the opportunity to make others feel better while following us or our activities.

Our Vision

WEBDEV FOUNDATION aims is the development of humankind potential in urban and rural areas.

Our missions

  • Working for basic education in rural areas.
  • Improving health conditions in rural and urban areas.
  • Educating young people on ICT.
  • Fighting on protection of environment by promoting sustainable actions within communities.
  • Fighting against the rural exodus by promoting rural entrepreneurship.
  • Organizing volunteer work camps and internships where local and international recruits engage in community projects.
  • Promoting intercultural understanding and civic initiatives trough Global villages during our projects and various events in Europe to raise awareness of people on the living conditions in Africa.